Like a 5-day MBA for 15-17 Year Olds

Introducing Future Leaders Lab, Summer 2024

A unique 5-day summer course:

Are you an ambitious student looking for an outstanding academic programme this summer? Look no further!

Introducing Future Leaders Lab 2024: a transformative 1-week business & entrepreneurship experience for students aged 15-17, designed by industry experts.

Presented by Westbourne in partnership with Professor Adrian Johnson, Adjunct Professor at renowned Business School, INSEAD, Future Leaders Lab is a gateway to the thrilling world of business - with the opportunity to build a thriving network of international contacts.

Running in our Westbourne School UK this summer, with fully residential options available, applications are now open! 


A launchpad to global success

The benefits... 

  1. 1. Improve your CV & enhance your university application: jump ahead of your peers.
  2. 2. Ignite your international network: build the skills to connect and communicate globally. 
  3. 3. Be inspired by INSEAD professors and real business leaders: meet and learn directly from industry giants.
  4. 4. Learn real-world skills: understand the big ideas, work through problems.

Working in small, expert-led classes with like-minded peers from all over the world, Future Leaders Lab presents unmatched real-world business experiences.

Visits to industry-leading companies, such as Google, equip students with first-hand insights on how new technologies are shaping the business landscape

INSEAD-led teaching
Future Leaders Lab is presented in partnership with Professor Adrian Johnson, esteemed Adjunct Professor at INSEAD.

A mentor for Startup and Sci-Tech Commercialisation Bootcamps, he works with multinational corporations on digital transformation, change management, intrapreneurship and business model creation.

Combined summer immersion options available:

Pricing: £1,350 per week

10% discount on 2 weeks
20% discount on 3 weeks or more